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Students from 3-6 use Google Apps for Education to enhance their learning. Students receive a Chromebook under a 1:1 system which they use in different ways including:

  • Creating rich documents, slideshows & spreadsheets.

  • Interacting with Teachers via Google Classroom.

  • Researching topics safely via the Internet.

  • Accessing their work from Home.

Students are taught responsible Cyber-Safety practices and how to care for their Chromebook.

Students from P-2 use iPads and students in Grade 2 use 20 Chromebooks to enhance their learning. Each junior classroom is equipped with 10 iPads. These are used in different ways including:

  • Learning to create and type documents and slideshow presentations.

  • Improving Literacy and Numeracy with targeted Apps.

  • Researching topics safely via the Internet.

  • Allowing Teachers to target individual needs with specific Apps.

St. Mary's uses Cloud services and products to empower the Chromebook learning experience. Some of our chosen Cloud products include:

  • ​​Lucidchart and Lucidpress - Creating Diagrams & Rich Print Media

  • Soundtrap - Creating full-length music tracks in many genres.

  • Classroom - Digitally brings assignments and work tasks to Students.

  • Tinkercad - Designing 3D wireframes for print with our 3D Printer!

All of our Chromebooks and Cloud products encourage students to collaborate with one another safely online. This allows Teachers to assign dynamic and rich group tasks in all formats and subject areas. Click on the pictures to learn more about these services from their websites.

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