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Vision & Values

  • He Inspires a Courageous Christian Spirit

  • We Embrace our Unique Stories

  • Together, Learning is our Journey  

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Our School Mission

By leading with integrity, with intent and with courage, St Mary’s Primary School will:

  • Support its community to enrich its faith through living out the values of the Gospel

  • Nurture a reflective Christian spirit that seeks to ensure our students are confident to engage in life as it is.

  • Commit to respecting others and caring for the world that we live in, by fostering a generous spirit.

  • Provide educational excellence and a dynamic learning environment to inspire and support its students in achieving their highest potential.

  • Have the courage to push the boundaries of learning, to be informed, to make decisions and to lead change.

  • Encourage a culturally rich community that celebrates the uniqueness of its individuals, their abilities, their stories, their contributions and acknowledge and respect their differences.

  • Provide safe environments for all students. This includes all physical areas of the school, when students are on camps and excursions, and when students are online.

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